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Rove Haze









Tangie OG Terp infused 1ml THC Distillate refill Cartridge (approx 1000mg THC). Distillate is the purest cannabis concentrate available on the market, which continues to fill the void for many medical patients. These vape pens are filled with 2nd pass, 96% Total cannabinoids distillate with 1ml per refill. It hits hard with super high THC levels.

If you take DNA Genetics multi-award-winning Tangie and cross it with OG Kush, you get — no surprise — Tangie OG, a strain that smells and tastes like a tangerine in the forest, according to online sources. Its small buds grow bright green with a sticky trichome coating.




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1/2 oz, 1/4, 1/8, 1oz, Gram


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